I Am Grateful To Have My Parents

after so much thinking, even thinking about the bad things about them, i am really grateful that I have them as my parents.

this is what i have come to realization:

my big family is very poor. mother can't work because of her bones. Bro can't help because of his social anxiety.
only 1 person works, & that's my father.
he works for 10 hrs, even 14 hrs!
he doesn't get enough sleep, & you can see how it has affected him greatly. & he comes homes with bruises & cuts on his body from work. and despite the pain he goes through, he still continues to endure it just for us...
he goes to work at 9 PM, & sometimes after I say goodbye to him before he goes off to work, I go to bed & cry, because i think about the things he's doing & what he has to go through. my father has been through a lot, he was in a middle of a war & lost some of his familt members & seen things that were so horrifying that you could cry on the spot, & i get scared that he might have depression, but is keeping it a secret from us by pretending to not worry about his pains.
i love him so much... ='{
and when i think about this, if i had different father, that father might leave the family right away, instead of tying to take care of it by going through pain.

also, my family has some "weird' (they're not retarted, they are just considered weird to normal people) members in the group & some parents might be ashamed or disappointed in having children that are "weird" or not normal. they might even abusive them.
but not my father or mother. they accept them for who they are & treat them like they would to everyone. if someone says they're slow or weird, my parents would strongly disagree with them, and you can tell from they're expression & voice that they really mean it. =) they don't think anything is wrong with their child. some parents would....

also, when my father & i get into a fight, which is rarely, it's so dramatic & scary that i always cry because he gets frightenly loud & scary. but later, when he calms down, he cheers me up by giving me a present of forgiveness; wether it be a trip to my favorite place, letting me hang out with my friend (which he very rarely lets me do), ect. he knows how to cheer me up...

also, i am grateful for my parents because they are so kind, loving, & supportive, towards me & family. my best friends who've met my family have told me that they are jealous of me for having such caring & nice parents. compared to mine parents, they say that their own parents are either lazy, abusive, mean, or careless.

when i was younger i wasn't as understanding i am now, & hated my parents for being so extremely strict & not letting me do things like go out & stuff. but now i know why.

i can think of some of other reasons why i am so grateful for having the parents that i have now, but i think i've typed enough.
i love my parents so much. i can never ask for another parent better than them.
but there are downsides.. from having parents like them, & won't mention what they are because i will start typing too much... =_=
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Hey you! I am a mom and I wish my child could see the world through eyes that are as mature and understanding as yours. Your parents have done a great job with you inspite of the "weirdness" involved. Don't let outside influences of the world get you down. You are blessed to have such a loving and caring father. The best thing that you can do to make things easier for you family is to continue to learn and educate yourself. The higher you go in terms of your education the better quality of life you will be able to provide for yourself and family. So learn all you can. Keep the faith and know in the end that God is still in control. Have a good one and keep up the good work. :)