This Is What I'm Grateful For

I am grateful to be alive and healthy. And I am also grateful that I have been given another opportunity in life. After all the mistakes and all the screw ups...I probably should of been dead or gotten in trouble. But I'm not. I am in my right mind, no longer depressed or negative. I am grateful to have peace of mind.
I finally feel like I know what I want in life, and what happiness really is. And I don't feel something is missing anymore. I am grateful that my relationship with my family...especially that with my mom is much better.I am grateful to have found this site. I found it by accident when I needed it the most. It's been so helpful. I've learned a lot from reading many stories and have found support from wise, and nice people.I am grateful that I have a home, decent car, food, and all the basic necessities of life. I have a decent job that I like and that allows me a schedule to also take courses at school so I'm grateful for that. I am grateful to have a beautiful and awesome daughter. She motivates me to be better. I realize that Everything and Everyone that has happened in my life...the good and the bad...It was all for a reason. Without the bad and the good experiences I wouldn't be who I am today. So I don't regret any of it. I am grateful that I finally learned to let go of Anger, Sadness, Guilt, Resentment, towards all the people that hurt me and for all the bad things that I did or that happened to me. I am grateful I am a better person today.
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Wow, you're very inspirational. I like your mind. <3

Thank you :D

Beautifully written and a great reminder for all of us.

it has done me good to read this - has given me a few reminders, so thank you!

Welcome! Glad you enjoyed :D

Beautifully expressed. Shine on, lovely woman. You're an inspiration.

Thank you :D

Its good to be thankfull for all the positive things that you have in life. Its important to know none of us are perfect. We need to learn from our mistakes to grow in life.

This is a great reminder, I try everyday to be thankful. Thank you for sharing :)

Your welcome.

when you have angry feelings towards another person. it takes up all of the energy you have in your body, mind, and soul. when you let your mind think postive and relieve that angry feeling you feel as if you have lifted a mountain off your shoulder.

I agree with you. So true. :)

Thank you for this. I am just now starting a divorce, and I have no one but myself to thank for it. Since my childhood , I have had major depression. That made me into a very irritable, resentful, and unstable spouse. My wonderful wife could only stand it for three years before she left me. But, at least, through the pain and the guilt, I have realized my problem and have started treatments for it. I am really trying to look forward to a happy future free of the mistakes of the past.

Yeah I understand. I used to be a different person. I was upset, depressed, negative...had a lot of resentment and anger towards my mom and step dad. BUT when you have all of that going on inside it kills you and not happy. So I just learned to let go of all of that and changed my way of thinking. I feel SO happy now and at peace. I wish the best for you and send you positive thoughts.


I am grateful for your post - it comes at a perfect time - Thank You for saying it so well. : )

Your welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting.

I am glad that you are grateful for all of the things you have and that you are positive and finally happy. <br />
<br />
Take Care

Your positivity is contagious! :-))

This is am amazing story! :) Thank you!

Thanks for sharing this with us. We're grateful to have you as a member of EP.