I feel bored actually and i just felt like writing something...i guess that i feel bored now...and have nothing much to thoughts go back to what i have...when i talk about what i have....its not just things..but its the people around mum, my brothers...:)...i have so much of love in my life....sure there were times that i din get along with some of my family members....but i would never wish them ill or harm...i love them with all my heart...though i would give my life for these people..i sometimes have shown a lack appreciation to them...have hurled some hurtful words to them out of anger....if i love them so much....why i do this then?? why do i hurt them?? its not just me..but well there have been times they have done the same to me as well....its is a funny thing....makes me realize...doesn't mean if you love someone you would always be nice to fact i think you would be meanest to the person that you love..maybe because you know that no matter what you say to them...there is the bond called love that will never separate you from thats why we hurt the people we love most....and ironically..we are nicer to people whom that we are not so close to...because we know we would lose this people the instant we show the unpleasant side of is a very powerful can withstand the most painful and harshest things in life....maybe thats why they say love is a wonderful feeling.....:)
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Dec 10, 2011