A Second Random List.

This short list consists of paragraphs rather than bullets.

I am grateful for my grocery store. I always feel the abundance of my region and my era when I'm inside, surrounded by SO MUCH food! In past generations throughout history, none of my ancestors ever, ever, ever had so much food available to them, not in quantity or especially variety.

I am grateful for my monetary status. I consider myself poor. If I were to pay back my debt, I'd just owe more money to whomever I borrowed to pay back the debt, and I don't see that changing soon. BUT, I have funds available to me to buy all the foods I like, I never have to go hungry or cold, I'm in a heated house with no fear of getting behind on my bills. I have a job which pays enough to sustain my level of living. According to the LICO for Canada, I'm way below it, but it is working for me. I even like being poor, being creative to fix a problem, appreciating buying a potted plant as though it's a big deal, and walking through aisles at stores thinking, that's so lovely but I don't need it can't afford it and therefore don't want it. When there's something more expensive, which I truly want, I still have the option of doing it if I'm willing to decrease my "cusion" to fall back on. I'm not in a place of financial fear, and for that, I'm grateful.

I am grateful for my body's mobile ability. My feet, my legs, my lungs, heart -- all those work together just swell, and I therefore have no problems getting around the city. When my student bus pass runs out in May, I'll have absolutely no problem getting anywhere.... because I can walk, and it's not painful! which for many people, it is. There are people who suffer when walking long distances, or even short distances, because their bodies won't do it for them in comfort. I did nothing to merit my relative health, and yet, ta-da, there it is. It even feels good to walk, it makes me feel peaceful and less confined to be outside where the sky is open and the streets sprawl. I feel free.
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I like what you are grateful for xD<br />
Ok from now on...when I go into the grocery store, I'll probably remember your story and feel grateful to be surrounded by so much food. That is something to be grateful for...I mean we don't have to go and haunt like our ancestors did or farm and harvest our foods. We just go to this place and get what we need. Having a job and working legs, arms and good health is good too :)

Yes. I kinda feel like we take our grocery stores for granted, the same way people on Star Trek take their food replicators for granted. To people centuries ago, this would seem like science-fiction or heaven. ("What? Bananas, avocado? Oh, right, right" they'd scoff!)