Sister Caught Me

A long time ago i was very young around 7 years of age. I was always dying to try on one of my mothers Bras and Girdles but when i did they always fell down on me But this did not stop me from doing it until one day while i was trying them on my sister was going to her room and heard me in my room and opened the door to talk to me and saw me trying them on and had a good laugh . But she said as they are far too big for you why do you not try some smaller ones when i said that the only other ones are yours and i do not go into your room well she surprised me by saying that she would let me have some of her old ones but only if i was to wear them all day. I was delighted to hear that but another problem was in front of me now how do i wear them all day and not let my Mum and dad find out.well she said that was my problem and if i really wanted to know Mum already knows How i said well she set a trap for you she planted her clothes in a special way knowing that you were trying them on and she wanted to know for sure. We were only talking about it last night and she said she was trying to find a way to let you know that she knew it was you who was at her underwear drawer. I am in trouble now or what. She laughed again and said no but it would be better for me to just wear some and let her see you in them. Then when both Mum and Dad get used to seeing you in them you can wear them all the time. Well i was delighted and shocked at the same time but my sister was very good to me and brought me some nice clothes of hers to wear and they fitted much better than Mums i was shaking going down stairs for her to see me in them and had an excuse made up that i was thinking about a fancy dress that was coming up and wanted to see if they would work out for me. But she was ahead of me when she said about time you let me see you in them and not to be doing it up in my bedroom i hope now that you are in them you are happy. I them asked her for my own girly clothes and she said well yes but you will have to earn some money in order for you to pay for them. So i was working 2 days a week (at weekends) already so i asked for more work (night time) and got 2 more nights so i put all my money away for the big day So after three months i had a fair bit saved and asked my mother would she come into City with me and help me my sister came as well and both helped me chose i got a whole outfit everything from Bra slip girdle panties pantyhose skirt blouse cardigan and shoes i was delighted until she asked me what about a second set as i would need them for changing into. I did not have enough money left so my sister helped me out with a loan and Mum paid the rest for me. Now i had three sets of clothes counting the set my sister gave me at first. Now came the advice about wearing them out in public and what might happen to me with some people who do not like boy's/men wearing ladies/girls clothes but i said ok and that i would take the chance. I did wear them all for day's before i got a saucy remark from a woman who lived in the area but i snapped back what business is it of yours and do i object to you wearing men's clothes i wear what i like just as you do. that shut her up but i did have some more people laughing at me and pointing me out to other people but i stayed with it and am still wearing them 45 years later and my sister still helps me out and even buys some for my Birthday and Christmas. My Dad was not too happy at first but then he came around Mum also bought me clothes every so often. but sad to say both Mum and Dad have both passed away now but i still think of them every day and am thankful to Mum and sister for helping me out.
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51-55, M
Sep 21, 2012