My Job

Dear Lady Fortuna,
(or Reality Personified),

Thank you for my job. I thank you with deep gratitude, that I have reliable, stable, secure position of earning money. I have enough income to support myself; I live in a warm house with clothes and other possessions I like, and I have enough money that I never ever must go hungry. I can even buy the foods that I really like the best.

I've made grave mistakes in my life. I've had such incredible opportunities and I let them fade away. I did try but I didn't try hard enough, and I'm still not the person I'd like to be. So I didn't merit the fortunate life you've given me, yet I'm grateful for this gift.

I'm employed in a place where I'm reasonably respected and people treat me generally with courtesy. My shifts are moderate in length and I'm never overused as an employee. My employers are good people and I'm pleased to be such a good worker for them, because they're kind to me and they never yell or downtalk at me. My workplace is very comfortable to me, all: physically & emotionally & mentally. I always know exactly what I should be doing, and how to please those I ought, and how to pace myself. I am always, always capable of doing a good job on my shift.

I could continue. This is simply a brief sketch of my workplace life to illustrate my gratitude for what you've freely given me.

I understand that you turn the wheel and as we are all once in a while on top in some way or another, we will all also at other times be near/on the bottom of the wheel. I accept that my degree of fortune will not be constant throughout my life; yet for the moment, I am inclined to look at the picture of my life and admire how simple elements of my reality deserve acknowledgement and gratitude. So this is my prayer of gratitude to you.

Thank you.
Please keep opening situations which encourage me to grow in peace, love, joy, compassion.... in the broadest senses of these words..... and in all that is Right.

May it be so.
Nyxii Nyxii
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 21, 2012

I am happy for you!