So Grateful

I am grateful for my children and their health, my health, my job, my car that is still running, my mom who raised me the way I am, the way I look, my bed, my home, my one freind i do have, my man who cheats(he did give me 2 beautiful kids), my wardrobe, and my family! Thank god.
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2007

me too, I'm grateful for my family, my two kids, the friends who stuck by me, my pull out couch, my house, my vegetable garden, my laptop, ep and my ep friends, my cats, and my boyfriend....and the good Lord and so much more!

It's so true how much we forget that we should be grateful for. Thank you for reminding me :-)<br />
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I'm grateful for my family, a few of my friends, my wonderful coworkers, my blue eyes, my long eye lashes, my internal beauty, my dog, my boyfriend (even though he has cheated, he has given me many good memories), my experiences, a roof over my head, food in front of me everyday, and much much more....