I Am Grateful.

So like every teenager, I moan and complain about the smallest of things, I storm out of the room if I don't get my way, I scream and shout and tell everyone I hate them, but who doesn't?

I'd just like to say how grateful I really am. When I think about it, I have a lot, and I'm extremely privileged to have what I have.

I have an amazing mother, father and sister, who I wouldn't swap for the world. I have a loving extended family, consisting of grandmothers, aunts, uncles and cousins, who always make me feel welcome. I have my school friends, who make school the best laugh ever, I have my other friends, who are always up for anything, and are always there to lend an ear. I have my closest friends, who love me for me, and always push me towards me dreams. I live in a gorgeous house, which my parents have worked so hard for to give it their own touch. I live in a neighbourhood which has some bad characters, but has the friendliest neighbours who make up for it. I have an education, and the opportunity to continue on to university.

Next time I start to complain about something, I'll think about what I already have, and I'll realise once again, how lucky I am to have it.

brokenminor brokenminor
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 4, 2009

What a perfect simple life you have...Anyone who would wish for more is a fool.....Enjoy your perfect life ( both it's good moments and it's bad moments).