Acts of Kindness

Please let me and others know your daily Acts of Kindness that have happened to you or you have given to others. No scams or degrading materials please!!
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2 Responses Jun 24, 2007

Working in a medical facility I catch the brunt of the patient's anger when they don't get what they want from the doctor, which starts to weigh heavy on the shoulders some days. To my delight one of our patients sent me a card at Christmas that said" The doctor and nurse heals the body, but you heal the soul with your smile. Thank you for being so nice to my wife and I." I will cherish that card forever, and actually have kept it on my desk year-round.

When I was 31 years-old, I left my husband, due to his heavy handed spanking of the children and religious abuse. He and I had been serving as a medical missionary in Japan and therefore did not work in the U.S.A. where I was born and raised. Consequently for a period of nearly 10 years, I had no work history, and only a small bank account, and was a little out of touch with the developments and changes in the U.S. To find work was difficult. My mom gave me dishes and pots and pans. Neighbors gave me an old orange couch and a kitchen table and chairs. My sister gave me her Queen-size bed and coverings and sheets. My other sister gave me 300 dollars. One day a salesman came to the door to talk about insulation of the house that I had just gotten into. He saw the sparse furnishing, and my children, and gave an invitation to come to his family’s church on Weds. night. I went and enjoyed the service and the people. AFTERWARDS, I was given several sacks of food. Each Sunday for about three months, I received sacks of food. It was timely help because I was slowly getting work. For that first three months, I had applied for food stamps but they did not begin until about 10 weeks!! This little church kept us fed until then. I will never forget the kindness of my family and of strangers in our time of need. R