I Really Am

Once I was sitting and thinking. Alone. And suddenly understood that I"m not bad, I"m not so bad, may be I"am even good. I"m not mean, not base, not malicious, not envious. I"m really dood. But the main is... it seems... he likes me. HE likes ME. I"m great. I"ve understood it.

I have great friends. And if I have such great friends, I"m great too. I"ve never done anything bad to other people, never offend somebody, never offended deliberately. I" trying not to lie. I"m not good in lies at all. And I think he likes me. I"m great.

I"m not beautiful, but I have a pretty face... somebody told me... and nice eyes. I think lots of people need me. With other people I"m cheerful and funny. When I"m drunk I behave decent, dont fall down. I"m great.

I have good relationships with my colleagues. I work good and earn money. I have nothing to be ashamed of. My parents love me. I have good relationships with parents. I"m great.

I think I wear good clothes, I have taste. I do not let down othe people. I remember birthdays of my friends and relatives. But the main... it seems... he likes me... I"m good. I"m great. 

denka denka
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 13, 2009

Actually, now i only love... life is life. But i m still great! and ofcourse smb loves me! for sure! somebody, somewhere, somehow... :)