Now More Than Ever I Feel So Greatful For Being Alive.

My birthday it's in 2 weeks, I'm turning 20 and I'm already graduating as an Electrical Engineer, I'm so greatful that I had this opportunity and I'm gonna do all I can to be the best at what I do. Every morning I thank God for the life he gave me, I thank God for my family, for my mom, dad and sister. I love them so much even if I don't tell them every day ( I think I should). I thank God that I have food on my table every day and that I'm healthy. I love myself as I am and I won't let anyone or anything change that feeling. I receantly lost a good friend because he decided that his girlfriend is more important than me, at the beggining I felt devastated because we were really close, but I thought...Hey why am I letting this guy make me feel sad, If he didn't care about my feelings why should I care? that's easy to say now after some time but I can tell anyone who reads this that smiling even when your heart is aching (like michael jackson said) really works. I letted this guy fill me with his bad energy and at the end he never gave me anything back. But that's the way it goes..I'm moving on it feels so amazing that I'm finally learning to be happy with myself :). My faith in God helped me so much that's why I thank for every breath I take... My life it's just starting and I'm already aware of so many things, I know sometimes I'll be up and other times not so up but I hope my inner strenght never leaves me 

believer07 believer07
Feb 22, 2010