Let's Figure This All Out...

too = also (I love grammar too!), over abundance (There are too many mistakes in your essay!)
two = 2 (There are two essays due tomorrow.)
to = preposition used in basically all other forms (I have to go to the mall.)

your = possessive adjective, something belongs to you (Is this your pen?)
you're = you are (Wow, you're cute!)

it's = it is (It's important to spell correctly.)
its = possessive adjective, belonging to something (The dog couldn't find its tail.)

a lot = It's TWO WORDS

I could care less. = This means that you actually COULD care less, meaning you do care in some way.
I couldn't care less. = This means that you could not care less than you do now, which means you don't care at all!

good = adjective, used to describe a noun (This pizza is good. / He is a good teacher.)
well = adverb, used to describe a verb, used to describe HOW someone does something (He sings well.... he's a good singer.)

If you are a grammar freak like me, add your favorites! If you are (you're) a hater, this thread is not for you. Some of us like to find mistakes in everyday grammar usage. Let us have our fun!

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Aug 2, 2010