Greeks .......

i am greek. i was born in australia by greek parents, in australia i was called the greek , in greece i am being called the australian.. what the f*** am i ??

hehe..:P   we are what we feel and i feel 100% greek , but i am ashamed of being greek.... most of the greeks still live in the past .. when will they open their eyes and look into the future and see that things are changing ??  and when will they stop gossiping about others and start seeing what crap of a life they have ?? and do something about it .... there is so much more to say ... maybe i will write a book .. i might even call it my big fat greek ethics .....   lol
mirea mirea
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1 Response Jul 24, 2010

This happens because when they left their country time for them stopped. I had a friend in Germany, Greeks also, who was afraid to tell us that she was pregnant without getting married!! Her parents left for Germany in the late 60 s. The time stopped there for them.