I Am Half Greek.

My Grandmother's father came over from Greece, and had all girls. My grandmother married my grandpa who is Italian, Plastino is his last name. He was big and jolly..reminds me of Santa clause. but he was the most amazing man ever. anyways, I have found that Greeks are a very proud people. We love, good food, anyone whose Greek, and anyone who wants to become Greek. am i right in saying this ?

LOL My grandmother speaks Greek, and so does my aunt and my mom and I only speak partial Greek. My husband is not Greek, but he was brought up in it also. I took him to church with me on Sundays then we would go home and do our daily things.

We would go to Iliaki's on Greek Easter and roast lamb on a spit with everyone else who was at the church and part of the family.

I like this culture. Its very family oriented more than anything I think. Greek men, are nice, but some of them are womanizers. Nobody in my family married a Greek, at least in my immediate family. I think because of that reason. I am glad to be raised with this foundation, it gives me something to teach my kids and I know when i do have them they will always have their yaiyai and papou to take care of them if im not available.
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Aww that's sweet:)

Lol I am Greek and we fail as womanizers. All we are good in woman's desire is heavy intense sex(for those women who want ONLY and seek ONLY sex when they come here), but we fail to catch women with epic quotes, poetry and such romantic or catchy things. In fact we can't constract our own good epic quotes because we restrict ourselves in our own language and we think like we are speaking Greek when we speak English.

Sorry those are Spanish, Latinos and Kaji from Neon Genesis Evangelion and not us. It's true however that some Greek islanders had sex with foreign desperate sexual-starved girls who had asexual husbands but that greatly far fetched myth that we are magically studs that get women here is purely a dumb claim. We are just repeating some ugly words we learn from friends, relatives and etc. to approach women tourists, but they are go like "Oh, honey you don't have to. As long as you are successful at sex that's all." And we provide them the most unforgettable wild sex. We slap our kiloton hands to their butts, we swear very loudly and bad insults during sex and we do all the tricks you know. ;-)

Womanizers :) apart from the British who else isn t... No offense for the British...