I'm 1/4 Greek, But Can I Call Myself Greek?

I'm a 1/4 Greek. My mothers father came from Greece.

I only know that because after my biological mother relocated me, she told me.

See, my mother put me up for adoption when I was three years old. I grew up with a classic American family of Dutch-German-Scottish-Irish make up. I grew up a prized only child, and my adoptive family treated me like I was more special because of the adoption. They had "chosen" me.

I used to get teased at the dinner table- my dad's idea of building character in a girl. He would look at me, grin, and ask, "what's the most racist machine in the world?" then he'd answer, "a helicopter! because it says guinea guinea guinea guinea wop wop wop wop wop!"   Nice one, dad. Thanks.

My dad passed away when I was fifteen. Soon after, my birth mother found me.

My world was in a complete whirl.

I moved to another state to be closer to this mystery woman, who I had been told was dead.

I had to be close to her to get to know her, observe her, see how she operated. I hoped it would give me some clues as to where I belonged.

All she was able to tell me about my Greek heritage is that her father came from Greece as a young teenager. At Ellis Island, the family name was shortened to Paplis. (I'm not even sure how to spell it!)

He was put in jail when my mother was three weeks old, and she never met him until her eighteenth birthday. She said she spent one hour with him and all she could do was stare at his hands.

He died very soon after, before she was able to see him again.

So that is all I know of my Greek blood. I don't know what the family name is, I don't know what island they came from, I don't know a lick of the language other than what I need to know for science.

So, I'm Greek. But AM I Greek?

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if you feel greek ur greek when u see the greek flag does ur hertbeat fast hear greek a warm glow inside u give u a sence of pride then ur greek