Grecian Baby!!!!

gia sas!!! iam greek .. well half but anyone who asks me i say greek.. my father was born on the island of syros.for those who dont know its a very beautiful mother is canadian baptised greek orthodox.i lived in greece for a good portion of time about 7 yrs....i learned how to speak read and write in a yr fluently(as i was bron in canada) i learned also to read ancient greek as it is taught to a degree int he highschools.(but ancient is a little rusty) alot of my family is still in greece.

best part of my greek heritage is we all know greek women have the best bottoms.hehe jokes but was my grandfather unfortuaning he passed  away in 2006.but i have a tatoo for him on my r forearm.It is the same place he had a tatoo of the anchor as he was in the army.and we all know most greeks are very religious i got a tatoo of a anchor with ribbons around it and his nick name jecko(frangiskos real name) the anchor is on top of a old looking wooden cross and then black angels winds and around it it says sleep in silence....anyways he was by far the best grandfather(he was also greek)

to be greek is to be great

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hi!to be greek this period is not the best in the world.but we will manage to overcome the economic crisis!

Still remember the ancient stuff? I can't remember a thing :D<br />
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Nice seeing another inked half-Greek on these boards (although I also identify as Greek).