Green Living

I have been trying so hard to live a green lifestyle. It feels so good when you consciously do something to better the planet and yourself.

Some things I have been doing these days include:

Buying light bulbs with the energy star (CFL's)

Bringing my own bags to the grocery store.

When possible I buy local and organic groceries.

They don't have a recycling bin at work so I have been bringing my own bag to work to put empty bottles in and then I bring them home and recycle them.

I am working on buying a Brita filter and switching to drinking brita filtered tap water. At the moment Im sad to say that I drink bottled water and i have finally been convinced to switch to tap.

I also listen to station called I have it on my sirius sattelite radio and having the inspiration of listening to other people commited to healthy living in a variety of avenues makes a green lifestyle easier to achieve.

I do yoga and have a sitting meditation practice.

I am also commiting myself to doing volunteer work for the green party in my local community.


Bellezza Bellezza
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 9, 2007

Great! :D Did ya watch "Live Earth"? It is great that people get more engaged in the environment issue :D

There are also the water filters that you can attach directly to your sink, which I like better than having to remember to fill the water pitcher. Unfortunately, they don't work on all facets.