Just when you think it couldn't get ANY worse, SLAP! All it took was an e-mail informing me that another friend of mine has lost his battle with lung cancer last week. We met on a support group site for people and their friends dealing with cancer. Just like my first true love (M. for short) S was a really sweet person whom showed me once again that friendships can transend distance. This could not have come at a worse time, in regards to the two years anniversary of M's passing next week. But I am becoming my own support system which is something I was deprived of two years back. These are my feelings and are 100% legit! *Sighs* in the mean time, here's a poem from two years ago:

An unknown force pulls me down
Down into the forbidden spaces man has ever known
The floodgates collapes under the pressure of this sorrow
Deeper and deeper, I glaze under.
My screams are nothing but air bubbles, floating towards the surface.
Looking up, the water's reflections reveals sections of life that had once been too painful to recall.
Too painful to even know.
At once so beautiful, so precious that slipped out of my hands
like sand.
This slow poison wraps around my inner being with no mercy.
No remorse.
I can't let go! I can't lose you!
What will happen if I let it go?
Sinking futher down would be more of a heartbreak than to go back up towards the surface.
Your face is all I see and want.
Why can't I go and you stay?
writerofwords69 writerofwords69
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2009