The Loss Of My Other Dad

My uncle died this past Wendsday and it hurts and scares me. He was my other dad he was in my life very strongly when i was growing up and I love him. I feel like i have to be their to support my three cousins who lost thier dad and i really dont know where i fit in. I have cried and i just feel so down about this. I guess it dose not help that this the third death i have had in a little over three years. My four legged daughter died almost three years ago and grandpa who was like a second dad to me died last year. So i lost two of my father figures i had in such a short time grandpa i got to say goodbye too and i still miss him buy Gypsy and my Uncle Frank died with out me being able to say goodbye. my uncle was not even sick he just died in his sleep. I posted a story on gypsy in pet loss link on here.
I just want to know how to be strong through the funneral for the others before I break down on my own. I just miss them and want them back
thenewestdaughter thenewestdaughter
36-40, F
May 5, 2012