In 2010, I watched my dad deteriorate. He'd lost his wife, his money, his house, his job and his family. All he had left was me, I tried to help him, but I was 14.. What did I know?? So I stayed there and hugged him when he needed it, I made him dinner and loved him with all of my heart. On Sunday 23rd of May 2010, my dad held my mum hostage at gunpoint for 4 hours before letting her go and telling her to take me with her. Roughly an hour later, a policeman arrived at my aunts door, he knelt down on one knee and told me that my dad had taken his life. I didn't sleep or eat for almost a week. After most of the shock passed, I began to eat again without feeling sick to my bones of hearing the word sorry. And decided not to talk to anyone at all. This lasted a year. I'm feeling better now, after having 3 years of talking to people, but I still break down and I still cry. I just want someone who understands.
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I haven't "been there," but my heart goes out to you! I sure wish that the policeman had told you that your father had died, but not that he took his own life...that seems quite unnecessary, given your age at the time! I support you for all that you've done to get better.