This Person I Have Become

Hey guys this is my first story to share here.I have seen so many stories of people raped,losing someone to suicide to broken hearts to broken marriages.I would to like to thank all of you for your courage and bravery to speak out.I tend to talk nonsense but here is my story:Am sitting here alone in my room the lights are out and i have some few candles remaining plus am scared of the dark,AM FREAKING OUT LOL.Anyways as a little kid i was happy,full of energy,vibrant,extroverted,the kind of kid parents adore.I had so many friends.We used to ride bikes around the estate,walk and talk after school before reaching home after hours,sharing our hurts,joys and everything.They were always there for me,and so was I,Life was great back then it really was.Then adolescence set in and i began to see a change in everyone,my friends become handsome and beautiful and hence society liked them more.Slowly one by one they rejected me,acting as if they didnt know me.My best friends started calling me ugly,i didnt know what it meant until it dawned on me that i am considered unattractive.They hated me.I could not believe this was happening.So i escaped reality through my dreams to visualize how we were together again.The dreams felt so real that when i woke up i thought everything was okay but it wasnt.I kept visualising but they didnt come back.I cried, asked questions,wondered why i deserved this.It ached my heart so much.I fell into depression not remembering how happiness felt like.I left school as a desperate attempt for attention but it only increased my anger and sadness.I cried so much seeing my friends living life,kissing, having relationships,attending parties that kinda stuff while i was left home disgusted alone and confused.Fortunately,a very good-looking friend of mine came back.It was through him that i found life worth living,that there are true friends out there somewhere but i have to find them.Am still struggling with the looks issue but i believe some time i will be happy again and make my parents proud just like they made me.
CarpeDlol CarpeDlol
13-15, M
Dec 15, 2012