Empty Nest Syndrome On Steroids

I have suffered the loss of 3 much loved pets in the past 7 months.  I am disabled and isolated and a year ago was surrounded by unconditional love.  Now home feels so damn empty.  The last 2 were elderly, but only the first was anticipated ... the second little guy was strong and healthy before kidney disease hit him suddenly and only 1 month after my precious little girl died.  Last June, the "baby", who I expected to be the one who would be around when the older ones died, became suddenly and seriously ill and I have good reason to think it is my fault, however unintentional.

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Your story ends abruptly and you say nothing about possibly adopting another dog once the acute grieving is past. Is this because of the guilt you feel regarding the death of the youngest pet? Even if the guilt is appropriate - that is if through a mistake you are indeed responsible for the pet's death - this is not something that you should allow to determine the rest of your life. <br />
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I suggest that you find a therapist to learn how to usefully integrate your guilt feelings into your life and activities, rather than just remain alone and guilt-ridden. <br />
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Several of the previous comments talk about getting a pet from a shelter. Remember that when you adopt a pet in this way you could quite literally be saving its life, since shelters almost always lack space and cannot continue to board less popular pets indefinitely. <br />
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If you are worried that you might make another mistake, read some articles or a book about medical problems in pets. You could also write to an advice column or blog, describing the situation, to find out how much responsibility you actually have for your pet's illness and death.<br />
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I hope that your current situation will soon be replaced by one which is filled by the mutual love between you and a new pet.

Nothing can replace your memories, but I agree with someone above. Get a new fuzzy buddy.

I am sad to read about your losses. When you are ready, would you consider giving a home to an animal in a shelter? They have usually been abandoned and are so grateful to be loved again.

I am so sorry for your losses... xxx

losing pets is hard, but why don't u get another furry friend in; there is always a need for homes, lots of pets are isolated in shelters right now. i have two dogs I got from shelters if I lost them I would be sad, but i know the next week I would get another one, cuz im a huge animal lover. your past love for your pets cannot be replaced, but you can renew yourself with New love for another lil creature