To My Beloved Wife


We all have ghosts

They follow us, their silent presence never far from us

Sometimes they are playful

Sometimes they are mad

But mostly they just keep us company

They sit with us at dinner

Share a soda at the movies with us

Finish the crosswords for us

Hold us when we cry for them

All the small comforts that help us get through the day.

But there comes a time when we have to say

I love you ghost but you need to move over just enough

To make room for someone else who will

Sit with me

Share a soda with me

Finish crosswords for me

Grieve with me

Do all the comforting things to get me through life

This is not goodbye. Never goodbye.

I love you too much for that

Its time to become an Angel now my precious ghost

- for Judy

gwangidon gwangidon
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

Yes, room for someone else to sit with us, but we never forget. Amen.