My son Cole is living the reality of a prisoner for quite a while. He was thrown out of his lacrosse game for fighting with a ref today. Thankfully my husband was on the sidelines or it may have gone to blows, I'm ashamed to say. As scary as it is I think my little boy is entering puberty. He's been a lot more violent lately, he doesn't watch much TV never has shown any interest in videogames... It's not good. Theo (My husband) Said he'd handle it, that he understands how a boys mind worked at this age. This would not be nearly as big a deal if I didn't see a pattern of voilence developing, but last week he pushed his little sister off a swignset for no apparent reason and then when we demanded an answer he just clamed up and stormed off. He and his little brother always rough housed, but there's a diffrent tone to it now. Theo actually has to pull them apart sometimes,and before whenever Evan said he had enough Cole would stop immediatly.

Anyways, I just stepped back and let Theo handle this because like he said, he understands the difference between boys being boys and things getting a little out of hand verses real aggresive violence. We pulled Cole from sports games for the rest of the weeek, even though the red card means he only has to miss one. We're still making him go to practices though. He is in his room and only leaves for school and to go to the bathroom. We drive him too and from school instead of letting him take the bus like he usually does, because we know he hates it. We took his and laptop yesterday. It goes without saying theres no TV or videogames (Even though that part did't really effect him) But anyways the TV is in the living room and he won't be setting foot in there for a while, so doesn't matter. Theo has been bringing him all his meals to his room, but you can tell Evan is missing his brother which I think is so sweet. I don't know how much longer this is going to go on, but I hope for everyones sake not long. Hopefully Cole will straighten up and offer a proper apology. We're saying he has to write an apology letter to his coaches and the ref and we won't even discuss when his punishment ends until then.

It's going to be a long few weeks...
Tropicana55 Tropicana55
31-35, F
May 21, 2012