It's Time...

The last time I had a beard, it was a goatee that I've been nurturing for 9 months. Then I took a job at a company which had a strict code about facial hair. I had to shave it off...

I've been working for this company 6 months. First, I climbed their little career ladder, but after 3 years they started to screw with me. They pushed me down so low that I'd almost have to say "Yes, Sir!" to the janitor.

So, that beard is coming back. Their appearance code? Screw it. They are not paying me enough for that.
Kletti Kletti
1 Response May 24, 2012

It would be good if you could work anywhere that's accepting of the appearance you most like to present.

I do understand the need to some restrictions. I mean, i don't want my banking clerk sporting a nice ensemble of the latest Latex fashion, either. However, there has to be a line somewhere.

Point well said. That's true.