Poison Vs. Cure

So... I wrote the story. The reason I joined. I learned so much from it and I feel this site allows people to not only evaluate themselves but also take steps to becoming more open. I would plan on leaving this site right here but I noticed something...

I find in my life, I overanalyze people and situations to a point where I am usually wrong. I found this is the only place where this trait has some use. If I read a story I often see something the writer doesn't, and if I am wrong it is irrelevant because it still makes the writer think about what they have written in a different way. It isn't even relevant if the story is a lie. Who am I to judge?

BUT... The more stories I read the more I realize how people use ep as a place to dump the stories that should reach the people they are talking about. All of the letters lost along the way, I find it overwhelming. I also notice all the bad advice out there, without an intelligent explanation. And people expect to find there answers in complete strangers, emotionally troubled people are so vulnerable this is not where they should be seeking help. Not only that! There are tons of people completely ready to take advantage of someones emotional state.

I am convinced if people seek to better themselves they will find it, If they seek to hide or hurt others, they will find that as well. Just as, to excel is a choice.

I used to feel embarrassed about my dyslexic writing because I often jumble words or leave them out. After reading a few stories I don't feel so bad!
Redstrings Redstrings
22-25, F
Sep 22, 2012