My Growing Pains.... Are Cured

My heart is enlarged and it causes me much dicomforts
I have a big heart that feels for others in ways they never knew
This is why I have growing pains.
My mind is always on others and how I can make their life better
I feel like sometimes certain people in life are destinated for this everyone dont
go around caring about others and trying to help others to the point they hurt them own self.
I don't say that it is over done I want say it is necessary either
what I will say is it is simply how I feel.
Growing pains hurt real bad others can't feel them.
Some people are very insentive when it comes to others feelings
In growing pains these are the very ones who can't take the same treatment.
They can cause you much pain but they can't bare the least without emergency attention from others
However, Growing Pains are treatable their is a cure
I am on medication " Spiritual Satification" I take this several times a day
This is a very additictive treatment and it is known to be the cure to growing pains
Happy to say that I have gone from growing pains unto just "growing!"
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

Thank God..

Let the people say, "Amen!"