A Thought About Growing Up

I know I used to post a lot in this group and now I don't, because I felt I was not eligible enough for this but I have to share a thought I had today:

Being immature, idealistic, liking pretty things, not fitting in, not controlling your emotions is not unnatural or stupid.

You can feel it any time.
I think we've all seen perfectly smart people doing stupid things. You can **** up even though you get paid for being smart and practical and all problem solving.

But growing up just means that you know that there won't be any parental assistance. You have to help yourself. You have to pay for and save up for physical things and damages, as well as emotions. Nothing comes free.

When you feel this, you are a grown up.
And from what I've experienced, I can say that it is a relative feeling.... Or, to express it in a better way, growing up is more temporary then you think. We slip from being grown ups all the time. It is sometimes a good thing, and sometimes bad.

Doing something useless but awesome that you really want to do is a good slipping from growing up.
Doing something useless but awesome that you really want to do but could also very threatening to your security(financial, physical or emotional) is a bad slipping from growing up.
Most often they are the same thing.

We just have to know when to get the grown up feeling back, I think.
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1 Response Apr 26, 2012

It sounds like you have a grasp of things.