I Have Come Along Way.........

I sit and remeber my teen years and remember all that I should have or shouldn't have done, and I have no real regrets, maybe wish at times I would have put more thought into how to go about things, instead I thought I knew it all. I have accepted my faults and have learned from them..and today I am an extremely strong and mature individual. I often get caught up in my emotions instead of looking at the reality of situations, but don't we all at one time or another? I think joining EP has allowed me to express myself in ways I normally would not. I think it has allowed me to see things from a different perspective and I am happy I discovered this wonderful place, a place where I am secure in my own skin...even though some pass judgement, I accept it, it is just their opinion which of course they are entitled to. I have learned an enormous amount about myself in the short period of time I have been on here and I have made some great friendships here that I am hoping will last a lifetime. I am on a journey to everlasting happiness and EP has allowed me to grow!!

2BnLove 2BnLove
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1 Response Dec 9, 2009

i second that!