Face Yourself

When i noticed that i'm in a deadlock
And everthing i love over my head is a block
I just stayed alone in the dead of night
And kept thinking of my fate until day light
I stood aside and gazed at my real life
Then i found my daimon at the dead line
Telling me to take a step and stand for my life
Turning the page and leaving thaughts for another time
hydrangeaa hydrangeaa
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 9, 2011

thanks alot :) i dunno there's a poetry group here but am gonna look for it right away.

Your writting are fabulous. hydra you know there is a i write poetry group and a prose group<br />
<br />
I really love your writting, you are vert tallented, Have you ever wrote a poetry book, i am sure you keep these in a journal <br />
<br />
MORE you are writing so good