Guilt Over All of It.

I feel guilty most for having the anxiety disorder that I do because I feel like I want my son to see the world.Give him everything that's out there..I feel guilty for having the problems I do ....I don't like crowds at all so activites involving crowds and more are avoided..

I also feel guilty where my son is involved because his dad barely sees him.and he doesn't understand.and neither do I.I can't force him to see his son..and I shouldn't have to....and I lie to my son who is six ,so that he won't be as sad and tell him his dad is working...and stuff like that ..I always feel guilty that  he doesn't have the perfect life that he so deserves.

He's so smart,handsome,caring ...everthing...he deserves so much better than I could ever give him.
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Thank you all. Since this post , I have had help with my anxiety and my son is 10 now and I have a 3 year old now,....I still have anxiety issues and probably always will but I am in therapy and getting the help I need to make his life the best it can be ...and his dad is back in his life !

The fact that you feel guilty for what your son's father lacks in himself to see his own son, tells me that you will be an amazing mother. Sometimes I think you have to see past the issues of your own life when you're a mother...This is what I see from my own mother and probably will experience myself in time. (I'm not there yet)<br />
Don't let your guilt over run you, and stay strong. Because he does not have a father, you probably need to make up for that emptiness in his life...and be even stronger.<br />
There are many terrible and sad excuses as mothers out there and you are NOT one of them.<br />
You love him, you have everything in you to watch him grow and stand by him.<br />
I am proud of my mother for all her hard work and I am blessed for all that she is to me and my family. She is the pillar that holds us up. <br />
Mothers are amazing, and your heart is definitely in the right place in my opinion to become one of the most amazing mothers the world has seen :)<br />
Cheers and I hope you two are happy and will be forever :)

You love your son, than you can get past your fears , you obviously know what to do, and that's good , and his dad is just missing out , it's his loss :a quick suggestion, i too try to avoid huge crowds too, however that doesn't stop me from seeing the world , i like to wake up really early or night when no ones around- it's calm the view of the sun arising is so cool , and the stars at night are amazing, Listen to this song from Depeche Mode- But not Tonight.

don't feel guilty about something that is out of your control

the father guilty for not being there for his son.