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THERE IS NO GUILT IN NATURE. NO ANIMAL FEELS THAT. We make a mistake, get some consequences and we get a lesson. That's all. We shouldnt feel any guilt for that anymore just remember the lesson and not to repeat the same mistake again.

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6 Responses Feb 18, 2009

I agree!!! Its all just human condition. The only mistake is not letting yourself be free from the guilt, and fear that imprisons us. The only fault is to be ridden with guilt! There is no fault in being free, for it causes us to see the beauty of our universe, and live moment, by moment in peace. <3 Metta

Men have souls, that's why they have guilt. Even if it were true that we "shouldn't" we still do.

Words of Wisdom ! Animals have not been able to be conned by religion! Hence no guilt.

theres a lot of guilt. guilt that everyone around me seems to be upset and its because of me :/ i like to make everyone happy. but i feel like i cant have feelings because rather im to happy im immature to one friend. im sad i got problems. im mad i need help. your too crazy :/ im confused and guilty for what ever move i make :/

You're right, that is all that matters. That we learn from them, grow as a better person from them, and move on from them. Thanks, and Dewduster too, thanks that was a good response.

I don’t care about others definition of right or wrong. I just feel pain. Pain that tells me I am behaving wrong according to my own ideal (from-I Devine) inter most self.