Going Too Far

When I was 13 I was in a group of friends. There were about 11 of us girls. We were all *******. We caused trouble and talked about people behind their backs and enjoyed  manipulating people. It was basically the only things we all had in common. We just talked about people and enjoyed making people miserable.  I was not the leader of the group. I only joined in occasinally with my best friend Poppy. We had great lauhs and shared everything together.

One day Poppy told me that she had a shelf devoted to me and she made a book about me. I didnt know whether to feel honoured or scared!

Where it all went wrong:::::: I told the other girls. They immediatly called her a lesbian. Saying that I shouldnt hang out with her and gradually we abandoned her. She was a scapegoat. The worst day was when she came around the corner where we all hung out and we all ignored her. Every single one of us. She got sent home that day. For crying all day and being on her own. Her mum called up the girls but didnt make a diference.

I tried to tell the girls that we were bullying her. My parents were telling me I was a bully but my friends were saying that she had it coming. Eventually Poppy left the group and went to a much better group with some of my old friends from my old school. I felt so guilty for all of the grief that I caused Poppy, I was suposed to be her best friend.

Later on that year, all the girls and I were sitting at a table eating lunch (except me - I never ate at school) and i was just playing around. Of course all the girls were too cool for my childish behaviour. They all left me. All 13 of them (they added 4 girls who quickly replaced Poppy and soon to be me) left me! I was left on the table with no friends. They had just walked away! Ignoring me and pretending that I didnt exist.

So I moved to Poppys group. I am much better with them. Although there is a racist in my new group I feel I do not want to exclude from the group and return to be the person that I was before.

I am still apolagising for what I did to Poppy and things have never been the same for us. And I doubt they ever will be...

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you can't sit back in the past you have to move on if poppy is friends with you know it means that she's moved on from it and if you have better friends now then does it matter what has happend before? <br />
if your new friends can forgive you for what you did then that means you have the best friends that anyone could have

Its good that you can admit this, and learn from it. <br />
When i have children i am always going to teach them to follow thier hearts, and never care what anyone thinks of them. <br />
I was sort of abit like you, when i was at secondary school, there was about 8 of us in a group, AKA "the plastics" (my school went through a phase of having a fascination of the film mean girls). <br />
Things were cool at first, untill i gradually got to relize how cold-hearted and poiseness my "friends" were.<br />
I got my self out of the group as soon as i could, best thing i ever did, i think im a desent person and i have been brought up right. And it kills me to see these groups at school now-a-days.<br />
Its funny seeing the people i was in the group with, i couldn't of grown up to be more different!<br />
keep it real- always :)

Well everyone starts the life by being young and when you are young you do many foolish things which are not meant bad but they but Young's do not have the expire ans to help them neither the wisdom needed so that's why they do mistakes.Later in life one learn to have their independents and with expire ans and urned wisdom they do things an other and softer way.You can ask her forgiveness from the bottom of your hart and also that you have learned a lot from this and proboaly changed your life like all mistakes do.Many people have done this before and after but you saw it and learned from it that's the point have the feeling that you have seas you are weary found of this person and go talk to her.Wish you a happy ending in this mater.

Wow, thanks for sharing that story. Things like that happen at my school all the time; when I started high school I changed my group of friends because my old group didn't really "get" me. So now I'm really happy.<br />
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I'm also proud to say that I've never been involved in drama as bad as that, but I can really understand how you must have felt.<br />
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