Guilt Is Kind of a Useless Emo...

Guilt is kind of a useless emotion when you think about it.  I mean, why do we feel guilty in the first place?  Because we're empathetic.  We did something that wronged someone and we feel bad about it.  But there's no changing it once it was done.  And the reason why we did it in the first place was probably for our own benefit.  It was exactly what we wanted to do at the time.  If we get caught up in emotions involving our past then we have no future.  So I have no guilt or regret because I know that there was a reason for everything, dispite whether I agree with that reason in the future or not.
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I think that we need guilt because, if not for guilt, what's to stop us from doing whatever it is we did all over again?

stuff the morals, you victims of religion: feel no guilt at all. god made nothing wrong and nothing right it's our religions that lay that stuff on you! you are perfect just the way you are!! <br />
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you are so right guilt is a useless emotion! go Girl you a perfect!

well, maybe the guilt can keep you from doing it again, or in some cases, you can understand how guilty you will feel and not make the mistake to start with. I think guilt does have its place but some folks go overboard with it-

I think we need guilt, maybe not as much as people like me feel it... It is absolutely imperative to learning from our moral mistakes. It's the same as pain; it's a warning not to do something. Yet, people feel it differently; some people feel none, some people feel too much, and some people feel just the right amount. It's just a part of life that some can get along without much of, but I respectfully disagree that it's useless. The only people who truly feel no guilt at all (as far as I've ever known) are people who are deranged. It is remorse to disagree with an act that you had committed for your own benefit alone without consideration of another. If you disagree at all with your own actions for another's sake, it is a kind of remorse--if only slightly and if only for a moment. You know you can't change it and maybe in the end you wouldn't, but you know that it wasn't the kindest or best thing that you could've done and a part of you probably wishes (if only for a moment) that you'd thought a little harder about it; maybe it's just guilt that can be consoled easily because there was no choice, but someone was still harmed and you wish they hadn't been. If you purely feel no guilt or remorse, then you're either a saint or heartless. That's my humble opinion. I would venture to think that you do feel guilt, minutely perhaps... but it must be there if empathy is there. I think that you're just very healthy about coming to terms with your human mistakes. But, then, that's just my opinion... Very respectfully.

I wish I could see things the way you do, life would be so much easier..


Guilt, is only essential to the life long process of learning. It helps us remember our mistakes so we can change it if it happens again in the future.