I Have Made So Many Mistakes. ...

I have made so many mistakes. Some of them I regret, some of them doesn't even matter anymore
rosebud2ster rosebud2ster
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2007

we all make mistakes it's part of life and I understand. It's like you did something wrong and your bad decision may of hurt someone else then you feel like it's your fault and feel guilty cause now you've hurt someone. Some are things you can't help like if you seen something and you feel like you didn't react quickly enough and if you did the outcome would of been different. or maybe for some reason you couldn't react at all. It's nothing we should beat ourselves up about. We make that mistake you analyze it and move on and try not to make that same mistake again and if we do we deal with it different. remember the Lord does forgive mistakes as long as you realize what you've done and regret it-regreting something in it's own way is like asking for forgiveness from yourself, the person you hurt or from the Lord.