Things Just Went Wrong...

I was really having a hard time at work. I never been the way I used to be... I am tired of hiding my expression and my emotion. I won't pretend that I like some one if I don't like him at all now adays. Because of showing my dislike, he attack me even more. He back stab me, spread remours about me, making everyone dislike me. He used to work under me, but without me, he would never be where he is now. He just take me fir granted. I went to my best friend place after work to use his computer to edit and sent my resume to one of the airline, and he flare up at me because he was tired and he said I took too long to finish. I wad having a very bad headache, but I need to sent it to the airline. But it failed to and I think the airline email were full... I was so tired and my effort became nothing. I went home later on, and the neibhors did not hold the lift fir me and I was being clam by the lift door. I really feel depress, but eating the dinner my mum prepared, warms my heart... And I wished I will be ok. I am lying on my bed now using my iPhone to write out my feelings... Seriously I am feeling depress, I keep thinking of killing myself, when ever I was alone. Why is everyone have to treat me this way? I want to be love and to be loved. I can only be Alone right now, and face everything alone. Thinking about my unknown status just make me worry and scared.
Boilikeme Boilikeme
22-25, M
1 Response Sep 30, 2010

shame... what is you unknown status?