Its Not Easy But I Have To Face It

It began with that question from my counselor "If you were found positive what would you do?" I just looked at her sheepishly! All nerves in my body loosening, and my knees knocking each other, I asked her "You mean I have AIDS?" She answered back "What do you think?"
That did it! it was not easy to listen even to another single word she uttered to me, my mind was racing!
It has not been an easy road but 5yrs down the road, I feel strengthened and with renewed hope.
For newly diagnosed friends, the tick is ACCEPT YOUR SITUATION, NO LAMENTATIONS, NO regrets and "If I had kn-owns....," All is spilt milk. Collect yourself together and face it manly or womanly; there is nothing soothing like relating with fellow POZ that's why I'm here in this group, and that's why you should stick here.
I know what it means and you know what it means, therefore lets do the comforting each other part. Nobody outside there can do it more than our selves, remember some call us "Condemned to death group!" and shade crocodile tears trying to "sympathize with us in our situation: BUT DO THEY ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT IT MEANS HAVING IT IN ONE'S BLOOD?"
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1 Response Apr 17, 2012

I am just scared and confused I just want someone to feel my pain. Some days im sick others im good. Im 24 and im scared my mom will out live me. I am a roofer for now. Im single I have not had sex since I found out. Im horney I am scared ill pass it to someone else cuz I have a demon in me. But I am strong and I will not let this kill me with out a fight. I want to tell the world But im scared to tell anyone at the same. Time. I am HIV + and I pray for a miracle.

Nastynate,please take courage.You not alone that's why you see thousands here going through e same experience.At your age you should think positive,have fun and DON'T PASS it on to someone else, use preventive measures, for your sake and their sake and your. Don't tell the world if you are not yet ready you will be greatly disappointed if they segregate you you because of your opening up! The only miracle you can get is to get someone like you to comfort you and be by your side in the time of need.