Today Is The Day.

In less than 5 hours i Will have my results, i know its +ve Coz i was raped 2years ago but tested -be at that time but a month ago I developed all HIV symptoms, burning white tongue, mouth sores lost weight my skin is so dark and pale etc... So no doubt by am scared to death. Someone write here be4 I go for my results. I live I a foreign country no relatives here and no close close friends to tell I have a baby so she is my strength and I want to live for her and I hope she is safe! Please need your love and support now my legs are already powerless.
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1 Response May 3, 2012

Guys am back it was negative it can't be true may be because I took erithromycin 4 days ago, but the nurse said Iam ok but thanx for praying am kind of Relieved. But will go test again soon i feel sick!<br />
Love u all. <br />
Be well.