52 Just Found Out Hiv Positive - Devastated, Sad, Depressed, Lonely

I am Steve 52 and my wife abandoned me in Dec 2011 as I lost my job and as she said I was a loser as I have been unemployed for 8 months.  When she left me I was devastated and super-depressed, angry and in despair.  I was lonely for a woman to hold me and treat me like I was loved.  I saw 2 prostitutes that would not insist on condoms and saw one 3 times and one 5 times from Dec 20th to Jan 20th.  I was lonely, sad, depressed and angry and needed "revenge" sex or something.   I developed fever, sore throat, a rash on my leg, fatigue and headaches and body aches on about Jan 30th.  I knew immediately what happened.  I tested negative on Feb 10th and negative on Mar 25th but positive on April 25th - The worst day of my life.   HIV pos and wife dumped me - great future!!!!!!   Good news is I got a good job now.   I cannot tell family, friends or co-workers.  I would feel embarrassed.  I am a 52 year old 6'2", 205 lb great looking guy but am very lonely.  I do not want to start a relationship with a woman as I cannot share this terrible secret so is there a website to go to in order to find a beautiful, smart, HIV pos woman that needs love too?  I am soooooo depressed and feel destroyed.  Also, I just read that if I start Meds, the average cost of meds and doctor care is $1,300 per month.  Now I'm more depressed.  Any ideas?  I live in Ft Lauderdale and would like to find a support group with at least the same number of woman as men.   Is there anyone out there that feels the same?  I would like to find someone who is like me and doesn't have the social support like me.   Take care all...
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I am a female, 6'1" and have been HIV poz since 1997...I live in Vero Beach, FL...I belong to a website called hivaidstribe.com, it is VERY supportive and more like a family than any of the other site I am on. Check it out! If you do or if you are already on it...look me up...my username on there is TheTruth1997. :)

Sure there are websites where you can find a partner in the same situation as you are. I dont have HIV but i do have gential herpes and i have dated men from the website positivesingles.com. You should check out this website sweetie :).

I know what you are going through. to join here is to join a family with whom you share the same pain. Finding love via websites is a bit tricky as it has been hit by scammers! Most are fake photos posted there and usually they will ask you for money to give you the contacts of the one you feel like communicating to. Why not ask management here to create us a page for those who are searching and we get private contacts here which are genuine? Nice time friend.

I am HIV positive and medications have been terribly costly. I so badly needed a partner after my wife and I divorced and I have HIV now. This happened 6 years ago. Am now castrated so I would not be horny and havinga hard ****** in my pants all the time. I was an oversexed man. I just could not have sex and spread HIV to any other gal so that is why I got my balls off. Getting along o.k. now. Taking less medication for HIV as it seems to be under control but not cured. Nice to meet friends who have the same problem. Keep in touch, please.

Thanks for the comment. I live in Ft Lauderdale, FL. I am suffering from severe depression. I know that. My immediate 2 goals is to investigate finding an HIV specialist that will not cost me all I have, investigate antivirals and find an HIV pos woman who will be my friend and lover. It's not just about sex, but more about feeling close to someone and being able to share this nightmare with someone that really understands. Take care my friend.