Hiv Cure :)

hey guys lets gain some hope, as I'm following news about hiv cure researches there has been lots of new discoveries that could lead to a cure either "Functional or Sterilizing'' (i.e stem cell research, gene therapy, flushing out the virus, immune boosting vaccine and much more.....) whats your opinion and idea about all these new hopes, do you think we will be cured within some years(345678) will we be a normal person once again?
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Hello ,i am Ann Bryan from United state I live here in south California ,i am 46 years old,i saw a comment posted on health remedy by Christie bolt from Texas , about a doctor she met on internet and how she was diagnosed of hpv , and how she got healed from it with herbal cannabis cream prepared by an India herbal doctor called HAKIM , so i called her and she told me this same doctor cured HIV/AIDS, then she gave me the doctor address, i traveled down to India to see the doctor myself, i explained to him about my illness, which is Skin cancer ,which i have suffered from 3 years ,first he asked me if i believed in roots and herbs then i said yes, he provided me herbal medicine information's for my cure and asked me to testify once i am cured from the illness , after taken the medicine as recommended by him, then i went for check up in the hospital and my doctor told me that i am free from the infection, even myself noticed the charges in my
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message me so that i can share with you the way i cured mine infection (HIV) and im living free and happy

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I’m indeed very happy for the great help that Dr. Oraede rendered to me, I was a HIV patient my husband also was a HIV patient, we saw a blog whereby Dr. Oraede cured HIV, we (Me and My Husband) decided to contact him which we did, he asked us to buy some items, unfailingly we sent him the money he will need in buying the items required, He casted the spell and asked us to go for check-up after three days of casting the spell, Luckily for us we were tested HIV negative, now I believe all these Testimonies about him on the internet, he is truly a great man, if you want to discuss with me on how he cured us and we are free from the disease

This Virus Is So Sophisticated And Unlike Anything Else Because The United States Army Created It. Under The Freedom Of Information Act Documents Were Uncovered Just Before The Outbreak That The Military Was Creating A Virus/Cancer Agent. What Is Hiv(Virus) What Does Hiv Lead To? Aids And The MAin Cause Of Death Of Aids PAtients Is certain Cancers. Its True, And VEry Scary. Dont BElieve, Look It Up.

As far as people who are talking about keeping a cure for the sake of money, drug companies still compete with each other, don't you think if one had a cure they'd make huge amounts of money selling that cure? And not only that, all companies have sponsor programs for their medication, if they were in it for the money do you think they'd do such acts? Food for thought, newho back on the subject, I believe in 10 yrs we might actually be in the stages of an experimental functional cure, according to a recent meeting held in seattle by many leaders in the industry for an hiv cure... But again this is just an estimate, we will hope to find out soon

i know everybody likes money every one want to make money but not every body is the same, some of rich people and rich companies are big hearted and generous, they know every body can not afford such a huge drug cost thats why they are now trying to find a cure, of course there are some companies they want to make money but not all of them. as i know Gilead and some other big companies are trying to find a cure. there are some people and companies who has power to find a cure and of course they have feeling, they're human they have family they know how pain hurts and they will help us to be cured one day.

exactly, i don't care about physically pain nor I'm scared of dying it hurts emotionally, about research; there are many researches and clinical trials ongoing i hope we get to the point soon, and thanks to researchers as i got some of them are really working hard and want to find a cure.