Please Help

I just turned 27 last week on Thursday, and believe me my life changed sometime in 2010. A man who had tried to have a relationship with me forged documents and proved he was negative only to find out later that he was actually positive. He dumped me, and i was left on the streets without a home or even a job. Ever since i found out in June 2010 that i was positive, i swore not to let anyone be my victim. But life is pretty hard for me because everyone i tell my problem abandons me and now i have lost the will to live. I had found someone who helped me but when i refused to sleep with him, he has withdrawn all the support and i am on the verge of going back to the streets. Please help me. I would like to have a man of my own status but it's not easy not everyone is as free as i am. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Eazie Eazie
May 8, 2012