A Journal Helps

I recently tested positive in April the guy i was seeing didnt disclose this information to me for a few weeks after we were already having .relations. He informed me casually after he cut himself during dinnner. The following morning i went to the city clinic and was tested for HIV, rapid test came back negative, antibody tests were negative however there was a viral load detected. So the study groups are intrigued with me because they can monitor a very early infection. Medications now are being discussed regimens of pills life changes! Huge Changes in my lifestyle have to be strictly enforcedI bought a journal to write all of my thoughts down in as i feel like sometimes here in San Francisco I am utterly alone, the journal helps especially when i ride the bus There is alot more to the story including having to dig out some of the skeletons from my closet with my drug abuse... which has already subsided
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26-30, M
May 11, 2012