Help Please!!!

Hi guys - I am in desperate need of advice. I am at my wits end and cannot sleep with worry! I had anal sex with a prostitute wearing a condom! I was extremeley drunk and dont remember alot. As a result I have convinced myself the condom split. I was drinking extremley heavy day and night for 4 days and when I returned home the panic and fear really set in. 72 hours after the experience I had terrible hallucinations and feelings of itchy, tingly, electric like symptoms all over my body! 96 hours after the experience my arms and legs feel weak, particularly my right arm. It feels heavy. I have had no rashes, sickness, diaoreah or headaches and it's now been 9 days! I do however feel woozy and not with it, also have a slight pain in my abdomen (not sure if i'm being paranoid tho), i've also had a dry mouth for 5-6 days now aswell!  Im not sure if this is to do with the guilt as I am married! Are my symptoms likeley to be HIV - please help!!!!!
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i'm poz but i feel sorry for u.jus hope and pray that its good time u feel like having a drink.drink milk instead.good luck .pal...

You have a classic case of anxiety, no std would ever give you any symptoms so quickly, you need to calm down and stop being so neurotic, besides, if you did contract hiv you wouldn't have any symptoms until your immune system became compromised which would mean the disease would have to be very advanced and in your body for at least a year or more. Take a test in three months and deal with your guilt, or that WILL kill you.

When the HIV enters the body, it usually remains undetected for a period of time. That is why so many people get tested shortly after exposure and receive false negatives, when in fact they are infected. Early testing, even with the rapid response test or other blood tests, are usually incorrect and deceptive. I understand your desperate need for peace of mind but i would suggest that you wait a bit, pray, maintain a healthy lifestyle and build your immune system in the mean time. That just may be the difference between a -ve and +ve result. Oh, try not to worry too much. Stress is known to breakdown the body's immune system ok.

Thankyou I will! Is there a test that can be taken after 10 days - just somthing to pt my mind in focs?

The only way to know is to be tested regularly for the next 6 months. Its important that you get tested for all STIs because HIV isn't the only one to be weary of. Please get a check up and if you are negative after a year, stay negative.