Learning To Love Life

well its been along road almost 4yrs now since i was diagnosed,ive almost died n given up on myself at sum points but im finally in a good place.i have an amzing family and i was blessed tomeet an awesome girl who has became my best friend..life is never easy and wen ur handed something like ur hiv positive it definitly complicates things im blessed to have realized i love life to much to d.its taken this long but i finally want to live again i am to strong of a person to let something like this affect me so much just wana let ne one out there reading this that im here if ne one ever needs to talk or vent....cause trust me i understand all the way of how badly this can effect you!
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uh ... hey there.... I'm 20 yrs old now and have been diagnosed with chlamydia trachomatis.... well its been 3 months and i'm still on medication... I am depressed in life , like for 7-8 yrs now... it feels like everything in the universe has conspired against me. I'm still depressed and feel like committing suicide....
I hate myself a lot and that leads me to end up doing something stupid always and i end up devastated... it's been like that for 7 yrs now... i suffer from scolosis which makes my chest bend inward... it looks ugly... I'm embarrased to speak to girls...I'm not a confident guy although 99% of the people i've met so far say i look good. Am i normal or am i a pyscho??
Please help me. I'm sure you're a smart person , because i really loved your posts. And I saw your pic .... you are really really beautiful :D

I wanna talk n be your friend I really need someone to talk to please email me..

You inspire a lot,I love the courage in you dear,and your encouragement,that eager ear ready to listen to someone,that needs help.. God bless you and, may He give you strength and more,Caring heart that you have.

I applaud your strength. I'd been wanting to get tested for the longest time. I think I'll test positive cause I've been careless with my sexual encounters. Just the thought leaves me devastated. I hope I can find a good place like you when the time comes.. :)

thank u but its still an everyday struggle and u really shud go get tested its better to know then not knowing

Yes I agree get tested and get to know who cares for you, your life will be great and you will live to get healthy

My Twin! I'm so happy you love life just as much as life loves you! You have a gorgeous smile and I will never want to see it fade again!