I Am Scare Of Death

i know i am on here and i speak a lot about my bf and the love i have for him.the most thing that scare me the most about his HIV is his death.i cry almost everyday because i think about what it going to be like when they tell me he got aids now and that i don't not much time with him left.it scare me to death think a lot losing him to this.i have away been scare of my death but know i wish that i could take the last 8 year of him having this and give him my life if i just get to see him live till his 90.but if he know i said that he tell me that he want me to live forever that life without me is nothing.sorry i am cry as i write this.he tell me that i am a sunny day to him when he down about he HIV that life without me would suck.what do you the people that do have this scare about
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

I cant say I know how you feel because I dont. I will say that you should enjoy ever moment you have together...because each day is not guarenteed. You may feel sad and confused and upset all at the same time but you have GOD to talk to, to get the both of you through these hard times...GOD BLESS the both of you...

thank you me and jaysen are planing on getting marry in the next few years

Your welcome, That's great I wish you two the best...