Assaulted With A Syringe.....scared To Get My Results

I;m really, really scared right now, I went for a STD/HIV test last about 10 days ago and 3 days ago I got a message from the clinic asking me to call. This only happens if they have found something, otherwise they don't contact you.

The reason I'm a result scared is something I am very ashamed of but I hope by telling you, I can face what I have to do.

In July I spent a night with a prostitute in Thailand, I was very drunk (she got whiskeys for us which I don't normally drink) we went to a nightclub and while we were there she disapeared for a long time. I carried on dancing having a good time.
Eventually I saw her she had come back to the side of the dancefloor.

Eventually we went back to my hotel together, I was drunk and don't really remember much about anything that happened. But think we had sex (protected with a condom) and then I went to sleep.
I remember 'coming around' for a minute or so during the night and think my chest was on the pillow and the girl was behind me pressing on the back of my neck with her thumb/fingers.
I was only 'awake' for probably 45 seconds or something. Then at some point I think after this I remember feeling a pain in my knee, but again just went to sleep.

After we went our seperate ways the next day I got home and found a scratch along my kneecap.
I asked of this girls mobile(cell) number the next day and still have it.

Now I am so scared I think maybe she injected me with a dirty needle while I was asleep.
Maybe when we were in the night club she went to score drugs, shot up and kept the needle.

Thats bascially my story of that night that has me so frightened now, I know I put my own life in danger and at risk. If I hadn't been so stupid or drunk I wouldn't have been in this situation.

But now I feel so worried I feel sick, I can't think about much else, just glad to go to work to try to think about something else.

In my heart I just can't understand why someone would do this????? Really could this happen?
Did she do this knowing she might pass something on to me?

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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

You cant be sure what happened or didnt happen while you were asleep.Go find out so you can stop worrying because our minds have a way of playing games with us.You will be just fine.I hope all goes well.