How Do I Keep Going?

I just found out that I am HIV + less than a week ago, at first I was ok with it but now I am so scared and I have shut out everything and everyone from my life. I am a college student and I stopped going to class, i think I have not left my dorm for about 3 days, my friends have been calling me but I find it so hard to respond, and when I do they are generally one word answers. I am so scared I don't know what to do. I am ok with the idea of dying but I am sad because my parents will have to watch me die, and I feel so bad to put that burden on them. I am sad because I will be alone for the rest of my life, and I will not even be able to adopt children. I really do not know what to do, I have not told anyone and I just need sumone to talk to. The counselors at the clinic are so cold and you cannot really talk to them because they do not know what you are going through. I guess I'm not really asking a question I jus need to vent to help myself feel better and maybe be able to leave my house
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Are u a male or female?

I am going through the exact same thing as you. I literally just found out an hour ago that I was infected and idk what to do. I feel as if my life is over.

My sister just found out that she was + 4 days ago. It's hard watching her cry. She has her ups and
Downs. Right now were looking for support systems and my family
Knows of this. The news of
My sister being + has
Brought our
Family closer together, Now we realize that we should always tell eAchother that we love eAchother and were all there supporting her. Point is, you are NOT alone in this. My sister is going through the exact same
Thing and you will see the light again. You will not always feel this way. I feel your pain bc I see my sister go through it. Let your family know and get as much love and suppOrt from them bc it will help ALOT. You can't keep it to your self. God bless and one more thing, you are no different from anybody, our still the same
Person you were before you found out hat you are positive. :)

HIV is not a death sentence. You just need to be positive and take your medication as prescribed. I was diagnosed with HIV in 2007 and I have been living positively for the last five years.. I disclosed my status to a lady we had been friends with and she later became my wife. She is HIV- and we have a healthy boy who is now 3years and very negative. Keep hope alive.

hi y bf currently found out he is hiv + he is having bad thoughts its hurting me iim hiv - and he feels like he cnt give me a child and he really wants one ive dun a lil research i found something about getting your ***** sponged?how does that work and does it cost alot?also we r n the military do u think they would pay for that procedure since we all have ins thru tricare.i could really use sum uplifting things to tell him :( i tell him his life is still going to b the same jus a few diff procedures that we would have to take but its not the same comin frm somebody who is negative he will eventually get out the military cus he cnt deploy but he jus wants to b successful and all the stuff he researches u cnt do with that status like state trooper he is going off the deep end and i would really like to make him feel better also...although i do love him i cant help but be a little scared each time we have sex we wear condoms what are more ways to better protect me?

same with me. i just got diagnose positive less than a month ago. and I don't know what to do.

hey cleopatra, please respond to me. i'm in a similar situation like yours and would love to talk to you pleaseeee.

HIV is not a death sentence anymore.i am 20 year old and my boyfriend 34 he had HIV sense he been 27 year old he know has 3 kids that don't have it and i don't have it.go to the dr and get the meds you need keep on the meds and you will be OK .people that found out early can live till they are in there 80 without it turning to AIDS just keep yourself healthy and everything will be OK.i dont have HIV but i live with it because of my boyfriend of 6 month if you need anything e-mail me i am here for you