What Scares Me The Most

I know that HIV is not a life sentence, as long as we keep up with healthy living lifestyle. but what I scare the most is there will be times when I will be really sick, bedridden and burden other people. I am 23, I just got diagnosed with HIV + less than a month ago. I think it will be enough time for me to collecting enough asset and go away from my family and not burden anyone. I really hope that I will die out of sudden.
omaradli omaradli
22-25, M
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Hey there! I feel for you. We are in the same boat. And one of my problem is my skin rashes. It gets worse since the time i got diagnosed with this disease. And i cant tell my family about it. I guess i need more meds more than the ARV meds im taking... But im broke. :(

Hey man cheer up. With all the research in meds and antivirals and once u take care of yourself. There is a very high chance that u wont end up bedridden. Know u have the support of people in similar situations. I battled depression and other stuff before, sometimes I still do but ive done my research to know that we can live long lives and not be a burden to anyone. Just know you have support man.

Im really sorry that you got hiv i got my test tomrrow and im so scared and im thinking how your thinking how am i gona tell my family how im going to be burden on everyone ...i just wish there is a cure very soon plz stay in touch as i love to talk to you im 22 x