Knowing He May Die On Me

i feel like it time for me to till you all my story about how i came in love with a man with all started this summer in may i meet Jaysen on meetlocals. com it a sex site that what i call it because most people go on there to meet up for sex.but not me or him.i had been on there for month before i had meet him.when day he e-mail me and i look at he profile and right on there it has i have HIV i yell at him for like a week before my soul kick me and told me remember Samantha don't judge him because of the HIV you don't know how he got i give him a change to be my friend i give him my number and we started to speak on the phone.i was asking him thing about who he got the HIV and thing like that just getting to know day i was on the internet looking thing up about HIV thing most people know that i didn't and he ask me that night if he ever had the change to be with me and i told him no.over the next week or so i look up thing about mixed HIV status couples not know i was falling for this man. one day i call him up and told him i couldn't live with out him but it scare me to death that the HIV would kill him.he told me just to not worry about the next day.on June 12 2012 we stated days that been almost 6 months sell scare me a lot but i know i cant live without him he my heart and soul he the man i hope to marry one i am done at college.i am sell leaning about the HIV and how i am going to handle it for the rest of my life. we both want kids and i learned how to keep myself save.i hope learn that i feel as I am one of this people that have to live with not in me but i have to live with it because the man of my dreams has it and i want to help him stay healthy.
mybfhashiv mybfhashiv
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2012