Why Me

i recently found out that i was hiv back in september and even after all this time i keep thinking why me.
i meet a guy who i fell in love with and was happy to spend the rst of my life with but as normal things happen and we split up. it was only then did he decide to tell me he was h.i.v i have never been so scared in my life any way to cut a long story short i went to the clinic and got tested blah blah blah i have never cried so much in my life.

even to this day i still cry and get very down and just think to my self is life worth living and yes it is the only thing i found hard now is meeting some one and telling them about it i still think my life is over
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3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Am so sorry love. And no, your life is not over. I know, it's hard to face the fact that you are in this current state and it's very devastating but you are meant to live and enjoy this life. Go out, join a support group, do the things you love. Take baby steps to live your life to the fullest and don't just give up because you are HIV+, no. Others have done it, and so can you.
Just eat healthy, take your medicine, live healthy.

your life isnt going to end right away, you still need to eat sleep and social. just act like normal. do what you usually do everyday. im very sure that there are some support group at your town where you can share your story and exchanging experience and get some knowledge. i am HIV + less than a month ago, of course im devastated by the news. i was crying for days, but what i was thinking is im not going to die tomorrow even if i wish i am. i dont feel anything wrong with my body. in fact i feel healthy as usual even though i know im sick. i also dont know my CD4 counts yet and havent start taking medicine yet. we can be friends here =). lots of love

Oh my word, I'm so sorry. Why you? Why anyone?! It's terrible. Now is the beginning of living an EPIC life!